The Ship The Yellow Mecha!
It has Too Many Weapons!...
But has an annoying AI!
The Mission The kobolds have been sent to a derelict space station
in order to find the last group of kobolds who came here!

The Adversary They're challenged by Kobold Adventurers!
There are 2 adventurers in the group, and each takes the full Body or Mind damage to be killed. They're the best at what they do, and what they do is be another group of kobolds in space.
The stats of the kobolds:
Order: 5, Chaos: 5, Brains: 5, Body: 4

The Kobolds
Kobold Pilot

  • Order: 4
  • Chaos: 3
  • Brain: 3
  • Body: 4

Pocket Accordion
Make a Brains/Order or Brains/Chaos roll. On a success, any nearby opponent has -1 Brains during their next event. On a failure, everybody nearby, including you, has -1 Brains on their next event.
Kobold Blood Hunter

  • Order: 4
  • Chaos: 4
  • Brain: 4
  • Body: 2

Daldain's Permit of Permissions
If told by another being that the wielder may or cannot do something, they may display this permit to temporarily confuse that being. Word spreads quickly about this event and future attempts to use this permit do not affect anyone.
Kobold Ranger

  • Order: 4
  • Chaos: 4
  • Brain: 3
  • Body: 3

Potion of Healing Transference
Restores one (1) lost Body point to anyone within 15 feet. If no one is healed, the drinker takes 1 point of Body damage instead.
Kobold Cook

  • Order: 2
  • Chaos: 3
  • Brain: 5
  • Body: 4

Potion of Deception
Resembles another potion (GM may roll or choose). When used, the drinker will believe they are under the effects of the potion for one minute or until the believed effects were expected to end. No one else will be fooled.
Kobold Fighter

  • Order: 1
  • Chaos: 5
  • Brain: 3
  • Body: 5

Marwyse's Overdue Library Book
The wielder can use this book to subtract 1 from a Brains based roll once per nap, but each time they do so they take 1 point of Brains damage over the guilt of having not yet returned the book. This damage occurs after the results of the Brains roll are resolved.
Kobold Paladin

  • Order: 5
  • Chaos: 4
  • Brain: 2
  • Body: 3

Potion of Gut Punches
If used in conjunction with a Chaos roll meant to do damage, a Mixed Result or better will do a point of Body damage in addition to any other results.

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Ultra-Quickplay Rules

Completing a task (making an attack, cleaning a surface, activating a device) is an Event. If you're the first person to say they're doing something, your Event goes first.

To complete a task, combine two of your stats (Order or Chaos + Brain or Body) and roll 2d6.
If you roll under, you succeed; over, you fail; hit the target number, you get a partial success.

If you take damage, temporarily reduce your Brain or Body stat by 1, depending on what kind of damage you took.
You can regain stats by taking a nap.

If you use a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it again. If someone else hands you a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it. (You can use non-reusable gadgets right away.)