The Ship The Green Looter!
It has a prototype hyperdrive...
But was recently 'found' so the kobolds are unused to it!
The Mission The kobolds have been sent to a burning planet
in order to explore!

The Adversary They're challenged by Pev the Destroyer!
He's an enormous black-and-brown tabby cat who loves to hunt and eat lizards.
The stats of the cat:
Order: 2, Chaos: 6, Brains: 4, Body: 6

The Kobolds
Kobold Druid

  • Order: 6
  • Chaos: 3
  • Brain: 1
  • Body: 4

Book of Convoluted and often Contradictory Regulations
This staple of lawyermancy can be used to confuse a being into believing they need to comply with the wielder's demands for one event. This does nothing if they are ordered to harm (or commit actions that will lead to harm, like stepping into an airlock...) themselves or an ally. After this time they become resentful that they were ordered around and are likely to retaliate.
Kobold Medic

  • Order: 2
  • Chaos: 2
  • Brain: 5
  • Body: 5

Jar of ... Something
Throw it (Body/Chaos) at another character to make them spend an Event cleaning it off, or throw it at the floor to make a ten-foot circle of difficult terrain.
Kobold Blood Hunter

  • Order: 3
  • Chaos: 2
  • Brain: 4
  • Body: 5

Potion of Gut Punches
If used in conjunction with a Chaos roll meant to do damage, a Mixed Result or better will do a point of Body damage in addition to any other results.
Kobold Spy

  • Order: 4
  • Chaos: 3
  • Brain: 3
  • Body: 4

The Fabulous Grappling Hook
As an Event, instantly move 50 feet in any direction. (Make sure you have 50 feet available to move in or take 1 Body damage when you arrive short of that.)
Kobold Bard

  • Order: 3
  • Chaos: 5
  • Brain: 4
  • Body: 2

Guide to Scenic Vistas That Certainly Won't Kill You
This booklet us published by a local tourist board and paints an image of the kobolds' destination as seen through rose colored glasses. It may be used to subtract 1 from any uncontested roll once per nap, but is completely useless after the mission has ended and the kobolds return home.
Kobold Soldier/Guard

  • Order: 4
  • Chaos: 3
  • Brain: 2
  • Body: 5

Potion of Freeze Drying
An organic character that drinks this potion will shrink to 20\% of their original size while expelling all of the water in their body. Clothing and equipment are not affected. The character enters a state of suspended animation that can be reversed by soaking their body in water for a few seconds. While in this state the character does not need to eat, drink, or breathe. Any beneficial or detrimental effects on the character are 'paused' until the effect is reversed.

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Ultra-Quickplay Rules

Completing a task (making an attack, cleaning a surface, activating a device) is an Event. If you're the first person to say they're doing something, your Event goes first.

To complete a task, combine two of your stats (Order or Chaos + Brain or Body) and roll 2d6.
If you roll under, you succeed; over, you fail; hit the target number, you get a partial success.

If you take damage, temporarily reduce your Brain or Body stat by 1, depending on what kind of damage you took.
You can regain stats by taking a nap.

If you use a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it again. If someone else hands you a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it. (You can use non-reusable gadgets right away.)