The Ship The Violet Mecha!
It is flamboyant & speedy...
But its water pressure shifts between slow drip and power wash!
The Mission The kobolds have been sent to a friendly pocket of folded space
in order to make friends!

The Adversary They're challenged by Godide, a Brass Dragon!
A being of Order, it mimics a steampunk theme.
The stats of the dragon:
Order: 4, Chaos: 3, Brains: 4, Body: 4

The Kobolds
Kobold Sorcerer

  • Order: 1
  • Chaos: 5
  • Brain: 5
  • Body: 3

Gox's Illustrated Manual of Physical Exertions
Once per nap, the wielder of this book may add 2 points to the target number of any uncontested Body roll, or 1 point to the target number of a contested Body roll. If given to another character, that character must take a nap before this item can be used.
Kobold Monk

  • Order: 3
  • Chaos: 2
  • Brain: 5
  • Body: 4

Zeeli's Guide to Responsible Pyromania
While this book does not enable fire based attacks on its own, it does allow the wielder to take fire themed damage that would hit ally and have it instead be applied to an opponent. The book itself is highly flammable and is consumed in the process.
Kobold Ranger

  • Order: 2
  • Chaos: 2
  • Brain: 6
  • Body: 4

Cloak of Food Portions
Wearing this cloak causes it to flare out at the base, making the wearer resemble a pyramid. In conversations regarding food the wearer can add +2 to Brains rolls when trying to convince others to alter their diets. This can be done once per nap. Considering how many large things tend to snack on kobolds, this has been found to actually be quite useful.
Kobold Blood Hunter

  • Order: 5
  • Chaos: 5
  • Brain: 3
  • Body: 1

Marwyse's Encyclopedia of Stuff I Totally Knew
Add 2 points to the target number of any uncontested Brains roll, or 1 point to the target number of a contested Brains roll.
Kobold Inventor

  • Order: 4
  • Chaos: 4
  • Brain: 3
  • Body: 3

Potion of Caffeine!
Restores one (1) lost Brains point.
Kobold Politician

  • Order: 2
  • Chaos: 2
  • Brain: 5
  • Body: 5

Potion of Atmosphere Creation
A character that consumes this extremely carbonated beverage will begin to burp uncontrollably. While little more than a juvenile pastime in many cases, this also surrounds the character in a breathable atmosphere that clings to their body until their next nap or until they encounter a stiff breeze. This regurgitated air smells foul but provides protection against hard vacuum and poisonous gasses.

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Ultra-Quickplay Rules

Completing a task (making an attack, cleaning a surface, activating a device) is an Event. If you're the first person to say they're doing something, your Event goes first.

To complete a task, combine two of your stats (Order or Chaos + Brain or Body) and roll 2d6.
If you roll under, you succeed; over, you fail; hit the target number, you get a partial success.

If you take damage, temporarily reduce your Brain or Body stat by 1, depending on what kind of damage you took.
You can regain stats by taking a nap.

If you use a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it again. If someone else hands you a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it. (You can use non-reusable gadgets right away.)