The Ship The Red Looter!
It is stealthy & unarmored...
But has an annoying AI!
The Mission The kobolds have been sent to a frozen planet
in order to loot everything not bolted down too securely!

The Adversary They're challenged by Wan, a Thing in a Jar and their minion, Pirate Ghost Ship!
Its jar is fogged up, so it's not easy to see what's inside. Don't leave it near machinery or electronics; it can connect wirelessly to anything it can sense nearby, but it needs a hardwired connection to assert direct control.
Their minion: The stats include the ship and crew. It can harm the living, but it can't collect loot... but the crew still try to go through the motions.
The stats of the thing:
Order: 3, Chaos: 2, Brains: 6, Body: 2

The stats of the ship:
Order: 6, Chaos: 6, Brains: 5, Body: 3

The Kobolds
Kobold Inventor

  • Order: 2
  • Chaos: 5
  • Brain: 4
  • Body: 3

Pocket Sand!
Yell 'Pocket Sand!' to count a successful Body attack against you as a mixed success.
Kobold Monk

  • Order: 5
  • Chaos: 1
  • Brain: 5
  • Body: 3

"The Book"
If thrown at a being that is in violation of an applicable law or regulation (player picks, GM decides after "The Book" is thrown whether it works), throwing "The Book" at that being does 1 Brains damage. This counts as an event but no roll is needed. Regardless of the results, "The Book" is not sturdy enough to be thrown twice.
Kobold Cook

  • Order: 3
  • Chaos: 3
  • Brain: 4
  • Body: 4

Button of Uselessness
This large, red button can be stuck onto any flat surface, horizontal, vertical, or otherwise. A short time after it has been placed, any character (friend or foe) nearby must succeed a Brains roll to avoid pressing the button. Pressing the button does nothing, but this action takes the place of anything that might otherwise be done during an Event if the Brains roll is failed. The button can be pressed1times before it breaks and no longer compels others to press it.
Kobold Rogue

  • Order: 5
  • Chaos: 2
  • Brain: 4
  • Body: 3

Marwyse's Overdue Library Book
The wielder can use this book to subtract 1 from a Brains based roll once per nap, but each time they do so they take 1 point of Brains damage over the guilt of having not yet returned the book. This damage occurs after the results of the Brains roll are resolved.
Kobold Historian

  • Order: 2
  • Chaos: 2
  • Brain: 5
  • Body: 5

Niwri's Survivalist's Handbook
This book may be used to reduce damage from environmental threats (earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, etc.) by half, rounded down. Somehow, the act of using a Survivalist's Handbook always results in it being destroyed by that same environmental threat.
Kobold Merchant

  • Order: 2
  • Chaos: 3
  • Brain: 4
  • Body: 5

Potion of Deception
Resembles another potion (GM may roll or choose). When used, the drinker will believe they are under the effects of the potion for one minute or until the believed effects were expected to end. No one else will be fooled.

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Ultra-Quickplay Rules

Completing a task (making an attack, cleaning a surface, activating a device) is an Event. If you're the first person to say they're doing something, your Event goes first.

To complete a task, combine two of your stats (Order or Chaos + Brain or Body) and roll 2d6.
If you roll under, you succeed; over, you fail; hit the target number, you get a partial success.

If you take damage, temporarily reduce your Brain or Body stat by 1, depending on what kind of damage you took.
You can regain stats by taking a nap.

If you use a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it again. If someone else hands you a reusable gadget, you have to take a nap before you can use it. (You can use non-reusable gadgets right away.)